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What CLEAR-FX™ Is:

Clear-FX™ is a hand-applied, refinishing clear coat restoration system which literally restores a vehicle's clear coat to a like-new state, fixing scratches, scuffs, and other clear coat imperfections.  It is also a:

     • Two-part, chemically adhering and self-leveling, process

     • Permanent and enduring product  



The Company

Want Your Car CLEAR-FX'd? 

“My Volkswagen Van was faded, scratched and getting older by the day. The Clear-FX Refinishing System completely restored her to like-new.”

                                                        – Chris Johnston

While our business centers around manufacturing our product and licensing qualified professionals for its use, Clear-FX is certainly available to those who simply want this revolutionary new product applied to their vehicles.


If you are such an individual, simply let us know your location by filling out the form on our Contact Us page and we will put you in touch with a Clear-FX Certified Technician near you!

• Wax-on, wax-off product

• Temporary wax, sealant, or polish  


What CLEAR-FX™ Is Not:

The Industry

The auto-detailing industry is complex and traditional.  Clear-FX is simplifying things while changing the industry.


Be part of the change.  We offer professional, affordable licenses for the use of our product. Become a Clear-FX Certified Technician.

Clear-FX, LLC manufactures the Clear-FX Automotive Refinishing System™ and its affiliated products.  Based in the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, we distribute our product throughout the world.  We pride ourselves on being the leader in the automotive paint restoration industry due to our reliance on the newest technologies and our outstanding customer service.  We offer professional licenses to commercial businesses looking to expand into new areas or those wishing to simply start a new enterprise.  For more information about our products or our company, or if you want to be put in contact with our international or domestic representatives, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Clear-FX Restoration™, along with our specially tailored paint restoration process - Clear-FX Paint™, and our finish protectant - Clear-FX Protect™, make up our Clear-FX Automotive Refinishing System™. Using the newest technologies, we have developed a System that is a permanent, professionally hand-applied, refinishing process which ensures that a vehicle has a deep, resonant luster without paint chips and blemishes. The automobile will look like it recently rolled off the factory floor – deep, mirror-like gloss, zero swirls, and a paint body with integrity and staying power.  The result is unparalleled.

The Product

Our flagship product is our clear coat restoration system, Clear-FX Restoration™, which utilizes the newest technologies and has been fine-tuned for its task while being able to work in a diversity of environments.



Clear-FX™ is not a flash-in-the-pan, gimmicky, quick-fix product.  It is limited to professional use, for quality purposes, with a goal and an intention to endure.  Meaning that this product is NOT a: